Our Strategy
We take your idea, we use our experience and as a result we get an elaborate product with an amazing UI.
App Development
We develop projects of different complexity, from small client services to multifunctional enterprise systems.
Native code
We develop only native applications that let us use all the capabilities of the platform, also provide speed and fluency of UI.
Device Support
We create applications that works on all kinds of android devices. Also we perform a full testing on different devices.
  • Made as a system application with a use of advanced Android API.
  • A multimodular system consisting of several applications and services, providing the failover of the whole system.
  • A completely remoted control and configuration MediaCab and Android with the ability of executing the commands.
  • An intelligent system to determine a passenger including a facial recognition.
  • Implemented the system of synchronization of the content for a completely offline work.

One Play is a service of purchase and rent of video games as Netflix but in the world of games. With a large library (3000+) of games for a rent for the PC, MAC, PS4, XBOX as well as for Android. A full mobile version of the service for mobile phones and tablets running the Android and Fire OS with supporting different screen sizes was created. There is a multi step registration with the addition and verification of debit cards was made. Also a full personal profile was introduced. Over 600 PC/Android games have been added with newer PC titles available to purchase.
Taxovik is a useful app to find a taxi. This app is very simple in use, you need to enter the initial and final address in the search boxes. Taxovik app is building on the screen the best route and gives you a list of cheap taxis, which can be ordered through different applications. The system not only draws on the map the shortest way, but also considers the peculiarities of the trip such as the presence or absence of traffic jams, detours and traffic overlap. Our app allows you to check the cost of travel on a given route, considers the traffic jams in popular mobile applications by ordering taxi: "Yandex.Taxiยป, Uber, Gett and other. You will be able to choose the right offer for you then make an order and track its status. The application contain the function for authentication by phone number with SMS confirmation.
ITevents.io is an informational startup that helps users always keep in touch with all local IT events with an app on their android devices. We made android application using Google's guideline Material Design. The application includes push notifications, smart power-saving data synchronization, as well as service of notifications about upcoming events. Also we designed and build server side of the project. Main goal of this startup is to gather information about all local IT-events and bring it to the user in a convenient format via ITevents app. Main goal of ITevents.io is a development of the IT sphere, including improving the efficiency and speed of information exchange and better integration and interaction in IT community.

Kinosovetnik is a realization of our own idea of the application which recommends movies to view. This unique application, which means one shake of the phone will select an interesting film for you. The base of movies of the application contains over 1500 films of various genres. Simple, but nice interface won't bother you with long-term use of this application. Smooth and colourful animation will provide the not dull choice of films. A detailed description of the movie will help you quickly determine the right choice. Our application includes the best films selected by more than half a century for you.
It just calculates
Calc is our calculator that just calculates for you. The application provides a display with capacity of 12 digits, which gives you the opportunity to work with very large or small quantities with great accuracy. For your convenience, Calc provides a record of the current mathematical expression with all operations at the top of the display. Calculator performs arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, all that is necessary for standard computing. Calc is designed in a realistic and convenient for the user way. The keys are performed in different contrasting colors in order to identify different groups of key functionality. Also, the usable vibration response system is applied, which allows to perceive the key type with a touch.
The project "Minsk for Android" is porting of the "Minsk for iOS" application. The Minsk application is the complete mobile guide, working in offline. The application is implemented both for phones and for tablets. The application has detailed information on most interesting attractions, general information, useful information about the city (history, weather, transport, culture, etc.). There is also a list of establishments (restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, etc.) with detailed information about them. Implemented a list of favorite locations, live and quick search, sorting in alphabetical order and distance, map with marks of all places.

Crimea Guide
Crimea Application - a mobile guide in the Crimean peninsula, working offline. The application supports the different types of Android devices. It has a list of attractions, excursions, beaches, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and reference phones. It is implemented to sort the object list alphabetically, rating and distance, it is possible to share with your friends the useful information in popular social networks or send via SMS and E-mail. There is a possibility to add reviews and comments about particular place. It is also realized comfortable work with the list of favorite objects, for drafting of own route of trip.

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